Feature Film Finance & Distribution

By partnering with respected brands in the UK and further afield XTVN can provide both finance and distribution to jointly developed feature films with budgets currently up to £100,000.

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In terms of production and distribution there has never been a more interesting time in the global film industry. Technology has slashed the costs of filming and editing and high-speed internet access means all content creators worldwide have access to unprecedented potential audience numbers. While this could be seen as a threat to those accustomed to having a captive audience, it presents an incredible opportunity to those who understand what makes higher quality content float to the top.

With a background in script development, production and film sales our feature film team members are well placed to step confidently into the new arena of online marketing and distribution, while simultaneously maintaining access to and relationships with existing global film sales and distribution networks. This way we can explore the online realm without risking being ignored by an indifferent online community and by working with corporate partners on secondary advertising and promotions we can create the centrepiece of some extremely successful campaigns.

Creating stories that have word of mouth marketing built-in has increasingly become a forgotten skill, but one which will have to return to writers and producers in the online future as so much competing content becomes available to potential audiences. XTVN will create a new crop of low-budget comedies and thrillers to test the water, and in reaching out to our core audiences we will attract the key demographics most wanted by advertisers.

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