Operating as an agency bringing together content producers and well-known brands we intend to facilitate higher quality programming, resulting in larger audience share and greater word of mouth. Furthermore new opportunities in online games, media and communities mean there has never been a better time for programme-makers and brands to work together.

Working with our partners with long-standing experience of retaining celebrity name endorsements, appearances and cameos we hope to leverage even greater value into an already valuable relationship.

By acting as the middleman between producers and advertising sponsors we can provide a targeted introduction service tailored to your brand and demographic goals.

Collaborating closely from the early stages of a project can yield a more holistic and ultimately satisfying result so call or email early in your marketing cycle and let us know what you're on the lookout for. And if we can't find someone doing it we can discuss bringing in an experienced producer who can help make what you need.


TV Sponsorship & Endorsements

Sourcing sponsorship and named talent for TV producers. Partnering respected brands with experienced TV, DVD and online content providers. Adding value and creating the win-win.

To discuss your needs email robin@xtvn.com
or call +44 207 193 4242

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